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Catering with a Twist.

Small wedding reception venues Melbourne would love to cater those who celebrate their love during their wedding. Catering can be delivered in many different ways. It might be a private or a corporate function. It can be an all-out fun occasion or a formal setting. Whatever you are going to cater for, it really helps when your set-up has the WOW factor. When your host and his guest enter the function room, they should be swept of their feet.. This is your best advertising, and this is money in your pocket.

It is easy to cater for birthday parties, lots of balloons, streamers and confetti to decorate the tables and buffet with. You can have party food, usually finger food, which is easy to prepare, individual cakes and small tarts. These too are easy to prepare and not to forget, easy to transport. Remember to ask your host’s favorite color, because you might want to color-coordinate things a bit, it will look fantastic.

Weddings, here you have no problems to find out what your hosts would like as most brides know exactly what they want and expect. Here it is up to the budget, how far you can go with props and decorations. Some have pillars, some have their wedding cake made separately, and while others will have you do that too. However, even when the cake will be prepared somewhere else, do ask for the color scheme, you will need this for the tablecloth, maybe even the napkins, candles and your uniform. There is nothing worse than having colors clashing with those of the bridal party.

Once I had to cater for a chocolate themed function. It was all about feeling loved and cared for. All attendees were ladies. Apart from the fact, that the food was relatively easy to do, I had such fun deciding on different chocolate recipes; starting from chocolate fondue to chocolate truffles, it just felt good. Apart from the small flower arrangements on the table, I had the middle of the table decorated with beach sand, bordered with smooth larger and small pebbles. In the sand, I placed every 15 cm a tea light with very warm light. As a matter of fact, the room was only lit by candles, in colorful goblets and on stands. We had all sorts of coffee, hot chocolate and many varieties of teas available. All around the room I had stools, all different heights with flower arrangements or candles. It was a total success, and looked just lovely. Instead of the sand on the tables you could have used strings of pearls, petals and glitter. The ideas are limitless as the sand on the beach.

One other theme I would like to mention was a poetry night. The room was decorated with a lot of flower arrangements; Aromatherapy oils were burning to create a very relaxed atmosphere. We had prepared a lectern on one side of the room which too was lit only by candles, giving it that old and musty feeling. The food was simple old fashioned fare, more like Grandma’s favorites I would call them, interesting and very different. Be as creative as you can, use your imagination, and most of all, check with your host. The most important thing is that you want to impress your host and his/her guests. Put your thinking cap on.

To your success, Skye Harmony

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