Is Your Car Cramped for Space for Shopping?

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how to fit a large number of objects into a small space . The key is to create multiple layers, so that you can stack items inside each other. One objection I got was that it didn’t solve the problem of having to reach into the container and pull things out. If you have something stored in a box or bag, you have to reach into it and fish around until you find the object you want. This is more difficult if the objects are on top of each other. If your car is cramping for space for shopping, then one solution is to buy a car that has more space for shopping. But what if you can’t afford that? You could just leave the top layer empty so that it’s easier to get at things. But if there are many layers below this layer, even if they are empty you won’t be able to get at them. I have found the best solution is to have multiple sets of containers within each other. You can use boxes or bags or baskets of different sizes. One set goes inside another, and then another, and then another. Don’t under estimate the power of advertising using stickers Sydney work of art.

You may not think so, but the trunk of your car is cramped for space for shopping. Your car’s trunk is big enough to hold enough groceries for a couple of days, but you’d be surprised how much you can cram into even a small car’s trunk if you need to. You don’t have to go all the way up to what is really the roof of the car. A lot of people use their trunks for transporting items they wouldn’t want to risk damaging, like golf clubs or computers. The roof rack on my SUV is perfect for carrying cross-country skis or snowboards. It has never been used for camping gear, but I suppose it could be. If you had bicycles, you could put them on the roof rack (although it would take three bikes to cover them completely). We’ve never tried it with our kayaks, but I’m sure they would fit.

If you love to shop, and want to carry around a lot of stuff for shopping, you should buy a small car. If you hate to shop, or if you are already overstuffed with things you don’t need, or if you hate wasting gas driving back and forth to the mall, or if you hate being driven around by your kids who love to shop so you have to take them along whether they are with you or not, then maybe an SUV is the right choice. If you do buy an SUV, please get one that gets good gas mileage. You can do this without sacrificing comfort or safety if you pick the right model. And I’ll explain how in a minute.

The main reason that people give for buying an SUV is that they need the extra space for carrying all the family’s stuff. But actually, you don’t. If you are having trouble fitting everything into your car, it’s not because you have too little car. It’s because you have too much stuff. You don’t really need three pairs of skis, or four backpacks, or six pairs of shoes. You are shopping for parking spaces, not cars. If you had a smaller car, you’d still be able to fit everything into it. You just wouldn’t be able to fit as much of it into the garage. And if your garage were smaller than it is now, you would probably organize yourself to put your skis in your basement instead of taking up valuable garage space with them.

If you are looking for a new car, and you have a choice of one that is spacious and cheap and another that is cramped and expensive, it is easy to see why you might choose the more expensive one. After all, if the cheap car doesn’t prove to be more practical than your current car, then you can just sell it and buy the other one. But if you can’t easily resell it, things look different. If you buy a big car at a high price, I guarantee that within a year or two you will be saying to yourself “Why didn’t I get the small, cheap one?” What’s worse is that even after you have said that to yourself a few times, there will still be nothing you can do about it. You won’t be able to sell it for what you paid for it because everyone knows about its problems. And even if somehow you could sell it for the same price as the smaller model, now that you know how much roomier the small model is, you wouldn’t want to buy it again. You would have been better off with no car at all than with one that wasn’t quite right for your needs. Take note of the car shopping guide before you choose your car.