Ways of Cooking Asian Food

We eat in Tia To at Asian restaurants Southbank, it was the best experience from our end. You know that currency coins have two sides! When you flip it up, it will land with one side up and the other side down. It is just to indicate the facing direction of the coin. It is the same with cooking, whether you cook it this way or that way, you are right.

Cooking food is the same thing as flipping the coin, you can do this and you can do that, you are still right because the food will still be cooked; just that the taste may be different from the others.

In Asia, noodle recipe is one of the main meals people preparing in their daily life. Let me share with you a few tips on how to prepare noodle recipes in the quickest ways:

500 gram of noodles

Garnishing Items:
Chopped spring onion
Red Chili
Sliced meat
Cooked vegetables
Soya sauce
Thicken soya sauce
Sesame oil

Tips in cooking the noodle Easily:

Tips # 1: Just Cook It
What you can do is to boil some water; put the noodle in and cook it until it is soft; put in some soya sauce, some vegetables and sliced meat; off the fire and pour it in a bowl, sprinkle with some peppers, garnished with spring onion and red chilli. Noodle Soup is served.

Tips # 2: Just Drain it
After the noodle is boiled, drain it out and put it on a plate, add in soya sauce, thicken soya sauce, sesame oil and some peppers; mix it well; garnish with spring onion, red chilli and sliced meat. The same noodle, without soup, different appearance, great taste!

Tips # 3: Just Chilli It
After the noodle is boiled, drain it and put it on plate, just add in sesame oil, chilli powder, tomato ketchup, some pepper and some chopped red chillies. Here you go noodle on fire! This is one of the favourites of the Asian food.

Tips # 4: Just Cool It
In Japan, after the noodle is cooked, drain it and let it cool before keep in fridge. When one want to eat it, it is served with a bowl of soup and wasabi to taste. Not normal but taste extraordinary.

Tips # 5: Just Fry It
Just boil the noodle for a while, drain it and put in frying pan to fry it with tomato sauce, peanut nibs, soya sauce and salt to taste and finally add in egg to finish it. Garnish with red chilli and chopped cabbage. Favourites among Asian local cuisines.

There are still many ways to cook noodles. Raw noodle, anyone?

JB Yeoh

Passionate in food around the regions

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